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The lost and found process at the airport

The most important information at a glance

The lost and found process is an interaction of various service providers and airlines. It involves ground handling service providers at the point of departure, at the point of arrival, and delivery services, which finally deliver the luggage to the passenger.

Searched and found

The lost & found process - clearly explained

The further procedure depends on what led to the loss of the luggage.

Case 1: Luggage will not be loaded at the departure airport

As long as the responsible baggage ground handler at the departure airport does not register the item of luggage as found, we are unfortunately not in possession of any information about the luggage searched for as the contact person at the destination airport. Only when the system has been registered a statement can be made about the current „location“ of the item of baggage and about the further delivery process.

Fall 2: Luggage is not or not properly loaded during a transfer process (when changing trains)

The procedure is the same as in case 1, but with the difference that another ground handler (at the transfer airport) is involved. Again, the registration of the item of luggage in the database by the handler is a necessary condition for a successful location and delivery of the luggage.

Case 3: Luggage arrive at the destination airport but is not brought to the baggage conveyor on time or not at all

All suitcases, which are marked as searched baggage, reach further processing directly in the Lost & Found area at the destination airport. ll suitcases that are not marked as searched luggage are put on the luggage belt. If they are not picked up there, they will also be taken to the Lost & Found area. The employees of the Bagage Service Center check the baggage arriving there using the bag tag numbers and compare them with the existing search queries in the database. In a successful match, either

  • Personal delivery via the responsible delivery service (based on the contact data stored in the search request) or
  • - if the passenger is currently no longer at the specified location - the piece of luggage is brought to the destination airport by the quickest route and delivered there by the delivery service. ]

Case 4: Luggage is accidentally misloaded and taken to a wrong destination airport

The identification of the suitcase is the responsibility of the service provider at the departure airport, who sends the suitcase to the correct destination airport after being registered in the World Tracer database.

Conclusion: Only when ground handler involved in the Lost & Found process enter information about found items into the World Tracer database can we tell passengers where their luggage is and when it is likely to be delivered to the delivery service. If this information is not (yet) available in the system, unfortunately, we can not do more than to put passengers off guard and inform them about the ongoing search.

Between the search request received and the delivery to the deliverer, WISAG has an average of a maximum of 18 hours.


Have all flights been entered – including the ones before the one to your final destination?


Search request without queueing

If you are missing a luggage item, you can request a search online by yourself. You do not have to go to the lost-and-found-counter.
On our lost-and-found-website WWW.LF.WISAG.AERO you can enter all data required for baggage tracing easily via tablet, PC or smartphone.

Your data will be treated confidentially.

Please note that you must report damaged baggage at the counter. Damage reports can not be recorded online.

After entering your information you will receive an e-mail including your personal reference number. Our service team will inform you regularly about the status of your search request.

Three steps to baggage tracing

Go to our lost-and-found-website WWW.LF.WISAG.AERO and enter the following data:

1. Flight data

2. Luggage item

3. Passenger data

Immediately after entering your data your search request will be processed. You'll receive a confirmation email.


Can I use the lost-and-found-website without a bag tag?
Yes, in case the bag tag number is not available, a description of the missing luggage item can be entered.

How do I get the reference number?
The reference number is included in the confirmation e-mail. If you entered your mobile phone number, you receive the reference number via text message, additionally.

What happens if my missing luggage item is not found?
If your missing luggage item is not found within five days, your search request is forwarded to the respective airline.

What should be done if my luggage contains dutiable goods?
If you enter Germany from a non-Schengen country, a customs declaration form is attached to your confirmation e-mail. We need to receive the filled out and signed form from you – via e-mail, fax or personally. The addresses are also included in the e-mail.